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Luxurious Quality

Each one of our solid or patterned 100% baby alpaca scarves are made by hand with love from the highest quality organic and dye-free baby alpaca wool; prized for its silky feel and cozy warmth.
Alpaca wool is completely hypoallergenic and has a natural resistance to odor dirt and liquids while being naturally flame retardant. It won t water spot from snow or rain and wrinkles will fall out overnight. This natural wonder will outperform any other textile offering you a scarf that not only works for many areas of your lifestyle but will do so for seasons to come. Choose from one of our many solid natural colors or variegated and patterned shades.

Unique & Special

From its incredible natural softness and beautiful luster to its endless beneficial properties alpaca products are truly unique and special. They make great gifts that will wrap your loved ones in unequalled cozy comfort a gift not only showing you care for them and all beings great and small but the planet too.

100% Pure Premium Baby Alpaca

Inca Fashions products are all backed by the International Alpaca Association and each comes with a uniquely numbered tag certifying its authenticity and purity. We have been hand crafting alpaca products since 1999 and have relationships with all our artisans. We participate in fair trade but it s more like friends trade where we treasure those who produce our designs and work with them together. We only work with alpaca so we know the intricacies of this fine fiber and are committed to bringing only the finest products to market.


Hand wash cold do not wring twist or agitate. The fibers may shift during washing. Air dry flat out of the sun. To maintain the beauty of the weave we recommend Green dry cleaning. May be lightly steamed to remove any heavy creases use a wool setting. Fold loosely and hang on a rounded hanger to store.

Size12 inches x 71 inches or 30.5cm X 180.3cm

100% Baby Alpaca Wool - Organic
Dry Clean Only
You ll love this ECO & Dye Free scarf made from pure 100% Baby Alpaca Wool harvested sustainably and processed organically. It s generous enough to wrap up in but not too bulky; lightweight yet cozy warm. Made using no dyes only the natural colors of alpaca shine through.
This unique scarf is like no other; feather light yet exceptionally thermal far warmer than traditional sheep s wool. Unlike traditional wool alpaca fiber has microscopic air pockets that insulate you from the cold keeping you comfortable. A layering piece for jerseys and sweaters wear it on a crisp fall day or with a coat or jacket on a down right frigid night it will be a staple in any wardrobe.
Alpaca wool is one of the world s most sustainable fibers and is naturally durable. It does not absorb moisture rather it breathes keeping you at your perfect temperature without overheating. Because no moisture enters they wool there is never any odor or wet sheep smell - even in winter snow or spring rain.
Naturally hypoallergenic alpaca is free from lanolin and dander the number one contributor to allergic reactions. Each fiber is micro fine up to 5 times finer than a human hair and when spun results in a yarn that is light silky and itch-free next to the skin. Alpaca grows naturally in over 22 beautiful shades so each one of these bleach-free & dye-free hues come straight from Mother Nature.
We specialize in alpaca wool as it is one of the few fully sustainable textiles with every aspect from rearing to gentle animal shearing to fiber processing having one of the lowest global environmental impact of any natural textile. This scarf and the wool used to craft it is not only grown but processed organically and is made as part of a new water retention and recycling program cutting water usage - truly ecological and environmentally responsible.

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