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The full tang ASR Outdoor gut hook hunting knife is a highly specialized knifespecifically designed for field dressing. When assembling your hunting accessories and equipment to manage your gamea gut hook knife is one of the must-have essentials and welcomed companions to the skinning knife. The gut and hook hunting knife will make all your field dressing tasks easier and more efficientwith its finger groovethumb grip and pronounced curve.

The construction of this specialized knife is important to note firstbecause of its quality black stainless steel material and secondbecause of its full-tang blade structure. Made from durable stainless steelthe ASR Outdoor 11 gut hook hunting knife is easy to maintainsharpen and is corrosion-resistant. The full-tang blade means that it is one solid piece of steelmaking it much stronger and more durable than a folding gut and hook hunting knife.

In addition to the knifes formidable constructionits also a multi-functioning tool featuring a paracord handle that provides extra added grip. The paracord ropea must-have wilderness essential in your bug out bagsurvival kitor camping gearcan be unraveled in case of emergencyrepair or injury if you have limited access to other resources or tools when youre out hunting.

The full tang ASR Outdoor gut hook hunting knife also comes with a convenient fittedblackheavy-duty nylon knife sheath or carry pouch; For safe storage and transportationthe nylon knife sheath is designed with a hook and loop belt fastener to safeguard the blade when not in use. Andif you need further carrying or attachment options outside of the knife sheathand depending on your equipment set upthere are two lanyard holes at the top of the handle so you can easily attach it backpacksbagstoolboxes and more (lanyard not included)

GUT HOOK KNIFE BLADE With a finger groovethumb grippronounced curve and paracord handlethis gut hook hunting knife blade is specifically designed to make any field dressing tasks easier and more efficient
STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL The ASR Outdoor gut hook hunting knife is made from qualitydurable black stainless steel; corrosion resistantthis hunting knife is built to perform and will be much easier to take care of in comparison to carbon steel gut hook knives or blades
PARACORD HANDLE The hunting knife features a paracord handle in neon green making it easy to spot amongst your other hunting accessories and provides extra added grip when field dressing; the paracord rope itselfan essential survival toolcan be unwound in case of emergencyrepair or injury
NYLON KNIFE SHEATH Includes with the purchase of the full tang knife is a durable fitted black nylon knife sheath or carry pouch that protects the blade when not in use; it features a hook and loop belt fasteneras well as two lanyard holesgiving you a variety of carrying and attachment options
SPECIFICATIONS Length 11 inches; Weight 3.5LBS; Product Dimension 2.6 x 12 x 8.3 inches; Blade length 5 inches; Blade thickness 4mm; Blade shape Gut hook; Material 440 black stainless steel; Partial sawback spine length 1.25 inches; Overall curved handle length 5 inches; Lanyard NOT included with knife sheath

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