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These Dry-Packs 1 Gallon Mylar Bags with Moisture Static Shielding and 300cc Oxygen Absorbers are made from multiple layers of Mylar and aluminummaking them both durable and secure for whatever items you might be shipping or storing. The flexible structure makes it easy to heat seal with hot ironeffectively blocking out moisture or any other damaging factors. Best of allthese bags are resealable after openingallowing for repeated use. Whether you're storing metal or electronic equipmentpharmaceuticalsor food for long periods of timethese bags are perfect for keeping items in an airtight environment. With a low oxygen and moisture transmission rate as well as high light and puncture resistance coupled with the included oxygen absorbing packsthese bags are perfect for keeping your goods completely unaffected by any issues that may occur during long term storage. Our moisture and static shielding bags are the superior storage bags in the industry. Combine these bags with the included 300cc Oxygen Absorbing Packets if you're storing dry foods or other goods for long periods of time.Each packet covers a 1-gallon spacemaking them the perfect match for these 1-gallon bags. Includes 20 bags and 20 Oxy-Sorb packets. Bag walls are 4.75mil thick. Outer dimensions measure 14.00" x 10.00". Inner dimensions measure 13.50" x 9.00". Each absorber measures 2.95" x 2.17" x 0.11".

10"x14" One Gallon 3.5 mil Thick Mylar Bag
300cc OxyFree Absorbers With Indicator Pill
Ideal for Long Term Food Storage
LightMoistureOxygen Barrier Puncture Resistant
This Size bag is perfect for storing SaltBaking Soda/Powder and Spices

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