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1.Before first usewashing shower bag with soda water
2.Put brown color side up to absorb the sunshine
3.The temperature of water can change from 15.5 degrees to 40.5 degrees when heating three hours
4.Can't drink the waterwhen unused pour the water out
5.Easy to store and carry as it is foldable.

Material PVC
Capacity 3L
Package weight 113g
For CampingTravelingOtherBeachEmergency situation

Package Contents
1x 3L Solar Shower Bag

Shower HeadSummer solar shower bag with shower head offers an easy ON/OFF switch. LOW to HIGH water flow. Brings you a much better shower experience!
Top QualitySummer solar shower is made to human. With multiple layers can further enhance the leak proof and make it durable!
Durable portableshowerportable camping shower bag with strong handle for reliable hanging and carrying. Hang it on tent or tie on a tree branch.Great for camping trips and during emergencies when hot water isn't available.
Suitable for camping shower,temporary bathing,car washing,watering,etc.
Sincere serviceIf you have any questionsdo not hesitate to contact us,we will answer your questions and provide the most sincere service.

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