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Light Tips
Blue lightit takes 5 minutes to make
Purple lightproduction takes 10 minutes
Red lightcharging
Green lightfully charged
Battery flashes red when no power is heardlong beep
Uninterrupted reminder sound for salt overload protection

How to use
1. Pour 500ml of tap water into the disinfectant generatorthen put 20 grams of edible saltdo not tighten the spray head.
2 Press and hold the switch for 1 second to turn on the machine. The start time for making the low-concentration disinfectant solution is 5 minutesand the blue light is turned on at the same time.
3. After the disinfection solution is madethe indicator light goes outand then the spray head is screwed onand the disinfection solution can be used. For the usage methodrefer to the method illustrated in the manual.
4. After usethe excess disinfection water can be stored in a liquid storage tank and placed in a cool placeusually about 7 days. The disinfection solution is recommended to be used immediately to ensure the best disinfection effect.

Product functionRapid bacteriostasis and prevention of infectious diseases.
UsageThe Liquid Making Machine Infinite loop use
Detergent can effectively inhibit harmful objects in the airprevent the spread of harmful objectsprovide 3 kinds of concentration choicesand clean various objects with reasonable concentrations.
Widely used in homesschoolsofficeshospitalshotels and other public places. Physicallyhealth and safety made to fully protect the health of families and children.
Environmental protectionnon-toxic and harmlesschemical residue-free hypochlorous acid waterclothing.

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