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Enjoy your happiness time by a cooling way together with WOWMVP Cooler Bag

WOWMVP Cooler Bag is an unique meticulous designed outdoor bag under the WOWMVP brand. Its main function is to facilitate people's travel and easy to carryit has waterproof and cold preservation effectsetc. Giving you a cold feeling in the scorching summer. Cool gift for men women and Anglervery suitable for Office WorkPicnicHikingBeachCar TravelCampingFishing.

50L Super Capacity

Dimension16" x 11" x 15"

(L x W x H/ inches)

Capacity 50L/ 72can

Thickened High Quality Material

With 3-Layer Advanced Insulation technologycooler bag is made of high quality Nylon Fabricthickened EPE Foam and PEVA Liner Layerthickness up to 1 inchwhich has a good thermostat effect.

Easy to Clean Lining

PEVA Liner Layer material has little water absorptionice water and oil can be wiped clean only by a ragvery easy to clean.

Multiple Mesh Pockets Design

Top lined with mesh pocket not only can be put ice pack to extend cooling time of juice and fresh foodbut also can be put some useful tableware in it; in additionboth sided mesh pockets can be put your parasol and daily necessities conveniently.

Built-in Bottle Opener Design

Stainless steel bottle opener is inlaid on soft sided coolerit can be better to avoid the forgotten situation when you need it.

Two Different Carrying Ways Design

Adjustable shoulder strap can easily adjust the length,suitable for men woman to carry; comfortable soft handle can reduce the pain caused by the friction between your hand and the handle. you can switch the carrying way if you feel tired by one way.

Smooth Zipper Design

No need to use lubricant on the zipperat the same timeno need use much effort to pull itvery easy to open and close.

Hot pressing process

WOWMVP Cooler Bag adopts the latest Thermocompression Technicalthrough the use of multiple complex processes such as high temperature and pressingit can perfectly seamlessly press the separated PEVA lining materialso that water molecules cannot infiltrateso as to achieve good waterproofing and leak-proof effect.

Temperature Measuring

The results of many experiments show that the cold preservation time is between TWO - THREE Days. After 12 hoursa little water begin to appear at the bottom of ice. After 24 hourswater gradually approach the top of the icebut still have a short distance. After 36 hoursthe height of water and ice are the same. After 48 hoursthe color of the ice changed from milky white to transparent. Between 60 - 72 hoursMost of the ice are melted and still a little cold.

AttentionThe use of WOWMVP Cooler Bag needs to be used together with ice and ice packs to truly play the effect of the Soft Cooler Bag. Our Large Cooler Bag is a super large capacity of 50L. We are recommended that you can add more ice and ice packs to extend the cold preservation effect.

Multiple occasions

Suitable for PicnicBeachCampingCar TravelOffice WorkHikingFishingBest Choice for Outdoor Activities.

Large Capacity Cooler Dimension is 16" x 11" x 15" (L x W x H/ inches). The maximum capacity is 50Lcan hold 72 cans(330ml) of your favorite drinks or pack a variety of foodsuch as mealmilk and cold snack. Enough roomy meets your needs for the entire day.
Waterproof Leak-proof With 3-Layer Advanced Insulation technologythis insulated cooler bag is made of Nylon Fabric and PEVA Liner Layermuch better to leak-proofwaterproof and clean. Equipped with thickened EPE Foam will keep your drinks cold when you're taking it on your trip. About three days ice life!
Four Unique Meticulous Design Multiple Pockets Design- can put ice packs in mesh pocket to keep juice cold and food freshput parasol and daily necessities in both sides; Built-in Bottle Opener Design- Bottle opener is inlaid on soft sided cooler can avoid forgetting; Smooth Zipper Design- no need use much effort to pull iteasy to open and close; Two Different Carrying Ways Design- Portable cooler with an adjustable strap and carrying handle to carry conveniently.
WIDE USED WOWMVP Lightweight Cooler Bag is mainly suitable for PicnicBeachCampingCar TravelOffice WorkHikingFishing. In additionit is also suitable for HOME USE. Not only can it be used as storage bags in normalbut also it is a good helper when GOING SHOPPING to keep food fresh and transport food.
After-sale Warranty and Attention Any question about our cooler bagplease feel free to contact us. We will reply within 24 hours to help resolve it for you soon. Please use ice packs and ice to keep your beverages ice cold. In additionfreezing the beverages and food in advance to reduce the melting speed of ice and improve the cooling effect.

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