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8 inch DOUBLE EDGE overall knife kit3.5 inch blade. Although this blade is a double edge the top edge is a false edge (not sharpened). Some states do not allow two edges to be sharpened. This top edge can be sharpened if you so choose. Made from 440c stainless steel. The blade comes sharpened and polished to a high shine finishbut can have a better edge put on it once the knife is made. This blade it very sturdy and holds up to a lot of abuse! 440c steel is easy to sharpenand slow to dull. The blade has two pilot holes to guide you where to place the pins. These will need to be drilled out to the correct size pins. Normally we will ship 1/8 inch pins in this kitbut check to make sure. The kit includes the bladethe wood scale indicated (2 pieces of woodthe correct size for the blade handle)the correct size and number of pins (brass or nickel)and detailed step by step instructions. We also have several videos posted online to help visualize what the process is. This is a simple project that can be a starter knife for beginners. You will need something to cut the handle material (scales)a drill for the rivets (Pins)a clamp or twoand sandpaper. We also recommend a five minute epoxy to attach the handle to the blade. The photo is of a comparable kit.

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