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The blade is extremely sharp and holds its edge very well. The blade is sharpened to a 15 degree bevel. This is what's considered "razor-sharp" and is extremely dangerous if you're not careful. Merely holding the blade wrong while closing will take the tip of your finger off if you're not careful with ease.

The finger grips and texture are a comfortablestableand non-slip fit. The grip isn't just a visual grip. It's an actual grip. The tensile strength is pretty good if you clamp it in hand and put moderate pressure on the curved finger of the grip while it is off the knifeit wont even bend.

Liner lock is applied to hold the blade and keep your hand safe when using. It doesn't need a lot of force to get it to disengagebut it does take some. Liner lock will make sure that your blade doesn't randomly swing out and stab an unsuspecting user.

All of the screws appear to be stainless steel which is some of the best consumer-grade steel you can use for a screw. None of them stripped upon reassembling the knife regardless of tightening force. The entire assembly of the knife is multiple steel pieces assembled together in a very nice clean way that makes rebuilding the knife nearly foolproof. Tolerates extreme heat and cold easily.

BLADE WITH HOLE Blade is made of powder steel D2 with dual blade finish provide excellent toughnessedge retentioncorrosion resistance and wear resistance. Its compactsafe and easy carrying with folding design.
GLASS FIBER HANDLE G10 glass fiber handle features is corrosion resistanceanti-skidsolid and light. Depending on the secure frame lockthe blade wont turn back when it works. A firm pocketclip can help to hang your knife in your pocket without any moving.
SPEC Blade Length 3.3 in. (8.5 cm); Closed Length 4.7in. (12.0 cm); Overall Length 7.8 in. (20.0 cm) ; Weight 4.3 oz. (160 g); Hardness 56-60HRC. This versatile pocket knife is an ideal tool and companion for any hobbyisthikercraftsmanhuntersgardenerwilderness guidesbackpackerslandscapers and knife enthusiasts.
EVERYDAY CARRY Versatility for various tasks including opening packagesstripping wiredecorating as key pendant cutting zip-tiesremoving splinters or even defense against aggressive animals. Its easy to keep in pocketsbagsbackpackstool boxespurses and more.
MAINTAINING Keep the blade dry and lubricative; The blade need to be cleaned up and coated with lubricant if used in salt water. Clean up the blade with clean water and coated with lubricant if knife will be left unused for a long time. Clean up the blade with cleaner and coated with lubricant if knife is dirtied by axunge. Keep the blade cleantiny hard substance will scratch the surface.

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