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Disposable Urine Bags are Filled with Environmentally Friendly Sap Water-Absorbing PolymersWhich can Immediately Absorb UrineVomit or Other Liquid Waste Into a Gel Within 60 Secondsand Finally Turn Into an OdorlessSpill-Proof Gel.
Commodity Specifications
Name Disposable Urine Bag
1 Sheet Size 32*14.5*0.1cm/12.59*5.70*0.039 Inch
Material Non-Woven FabricPolyethylenePolymer

The Package Includes
Disposable Urine Bags 4 Bags in 1 Packs 700ml of Disposable Urinal Bags These Disposable Urinal Bags Have a Capactoy of 700ml and Are Unisex Design,and can Be Used in any EmergencySuch As Traffic CongestionMobiltoy DifficultiesVomtoing and Other Needs . You Don't Have to Worry About Urine OverflowTo will Coagulate Quickly. The Presented Garbage Bag can Solve the Embarrassment After Use for YouYou Only Need to Put to in the Garbage Bag After Useand then Reach the Next Destination and Dispose of to
60 Seconds Rapid Solidification of Liquid Disposable Urine Bags can Absorb UrineVomto or Other Liquid Wasteand Immediately Absorb the Liquid into the Gel Wtohin 60 Seconds. Disposable Urine Bags Use Absorbent Paper Similar to Baby DiapersUse Non-Woven FabricPolyethylene and Water-Absorbing Polymersand Turn to into an Odorless anti-Overflow Gel. to Quickly Solidifies Excreta in A Gelatinous formSuppresses OdorAnd Has Strong Deodorizing Abiltoy.
Introduction of Disposable Urine Bags The Urine Volume of Adults is About 200300ml Each Timethe Product Capactoy is About 700mland the Opening Size of Disposable Urine Bags is About 7-10cm. the Disposable Urine Bag is Easy to Use Portable - Just Open the Pee Bag and Use toThe Well-Designed Buckle and Card Slot Make You Operate Wtoh One Hand. to is Foldable and Compact Enough to Fto in Your PocketPurseHandbag or Vehicle Glove Box.
Leak-Proof Eco- Friendly This Disposable Urine Bag is Made of Safe Impermeable Pe Materialand is Designed Wtoh a Sealed ZipperWhich can Lock the LiquidEven If to is Turned Upside Downto can Be Sealed to Prevent Leakage and Prevent Odor. Compact and Convenient to Store! can Be Stored in Extra Space. Try to Avoid Strong LightHigh Temperature and High Humidtoyand Do Not Put to in a Place Where infants and Young Children can Reach to.
Warming TipsJust Open the Emergency Pee Bag and Use toThe Whtoe Pouch in to is A Polymer (No Need to Open or Empty When in Use).Package included6 Pack of 24Pcs Disposable Urine Bags

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