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Entertaining the entire family Designed for both personal and group useour travel commode relieves a crowd on a single fill. Up to 50+ flushes.

Press the flush nozzleand water pumps rapidly from the tank to the bowlspraying all sides for a reliable hands-free clean

Just bring water and wipes! From tent to tailgatethis portable toilet provides you peace of mind in places without modern plumbing

The most difficult thing about outdoor toilets is emptying them! We make the process clean and simple. The super tight valve prevents leaks and buildupwhile the rotating spout lets you drain contents without splashing or spillage.

With the perfect washing Sprayer your Portable Toilet will never be dirty again! Simply attach it to the water tank and spray your toilet after each use to have the most perfect and cleanest camping experience ever.

Keep the unit safely stored with your other camp gear and outdoor equipment. The reusable carry tote blocks out dirt and water while making the toilet easy to carry. Its thicksturdy construction is also perfect for containing odors in transitsuch as when stored in a trunk or truck bed.


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