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Pole axes were effective at defeating armored opponents and opponents on horseback. The hook or thorn located on the spine of the axe head was used to grapple mounted warriorsand the spike on top could potentially pierce armor and deliver a killing blow when thrusted into your opposer. This replica medieval poleaxe features an open-bladed constructionmeaning that the center of the axe is cut out. This reduces the weightjust as a fuller reduces the weight of a sword blade. The axe head is forged from ironand has a weathered appearance. The 34.5-inch shaft is made from durable sheesham wood. Arm yourself for the battle ahead with this reliable poleaxeand youll be prepared for anything in your way.

Overall Length 47 inches
Wooden Shaft 34.5 inches
Axe Head Length (thorn included) 5 inches
Spike Length 7 inches
Axe Head Material Forged Iron

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