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How to use

1. Open pee bag.
2. For womenfold edges of lip for added comfort.
3. Once finishedclose the re-sealable bag. You can re-use until full.
4. Dispose of urinal bag in garbage bags provided.
5. Dispose garbage bag in waste container.
6.Children should be under the supervision of adults when using the product.
7.Please do not throw into the toilet to avoid clogging.
When you need them

Traffic jams
Motion sickness
Car travel
Flying a plane
Bad weather
Potty training
Impaired mobility
Hospitals or limited mobility
Car Sick
Package Included

10 x urine bags
10 x garbage bags

UNISEX DESIGN The unisex design makes it perfect for menwomen and children of all ages.
MATERIAL NO LEAKING Non-woven FabricsPE. The pee bags contain super absorbent polymer which turn liquid into gelalmost instantly.
PORTABLE CONVENIENT The urine bags is light weight (about 0.20 ounces)to keep one or two in your carbackpack and purse so your ready for emergencies like traffic jamscar/air sicknesetc.or have impaired mobilityor just for in case. Folded bags take little space.
EASY TO USE Pee or vomit into a urine bag and seal it. The bag is reused so can be used until full if desired. To dispose of the urine bagseal itput it in one of the garbage bags and deposit discretely in a trash can. it is suggested folding the top edge for comfort.
PACKAGE -- 10 Disposable Urine Bags (9.8x5.1x0.120.25 ounces) and 10 Garbage Bags

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