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If youre traveling you need the best travel towelif camping you want the top camp towelswimming the best swim towel and playing sports the best sport towel. Lightload towels are the best of the best. Firstwhat we are not. We are not a microfiber towel that describe most camping towelssports towels and travel towels. Our towels vacuum seal to look like the smallest of travel size toiletries and fit nicely in a toiletry bag. They open to a surprisingly big towel. Micro fiber fabric cannot compress to pack small. Our towels absorb like a large sponge. Microfiber towels are not nearly as absorbent. Our cellulosic material comes from the natural environment. Its made from plant and tree scraps and can help to sustain the forests. Microfiber is a plastic and environmentalists warnparticles of microfiber are washing into the water supply and killing sea life. We also arent those little popup coin tissue wipes in a tube that come 50 to a bag or 10 to a tube. Although they compress to dry towels and their material is stronger than paper towelsthey are still a thin emergency use wipepeople use a lotas expensive toilet tissue. There are news stories written that these wipes clog up drains damaging the sewers. Our material is made from the finest lyocell a much thicker grade fabricwashablesoft on the skin and reusable. People can burn them to dispose. Lightload pack towels are the best at easy storing and are sealed to be a clean dry towel until you are ready to use. They pack to free up space in pocketscarry-onssurvival bagstravel bagsbackpacksgym bagsbug out bagsdry bagssuitcases and more. They are truly a magic towel.

100% Lyocell
COMPRESSED FOR EASY STORAGEREUSABLE AND LIGHT WEIGHT FOR TRAVEL If you spend a lot of time on the gotraveling; hiking and campingsaving weight and space in your travel bagbackpackcamping or hiking gear matters. Our large beach towel is so light weight at 5oz. We vacuum seal pack which space saves for other packableslike foodwater and survival gear. It can also be used over and over to cleanwipe and dry.
SUPERB CLOTH Our towels are made of award winning Lyocell Its not microfiber but derived from sustainable wood and plant scraps that are breathablehypoallergenic and burnable. Our camp towels are a wash cloth or a wipealways cleanfresh in the package and fast drying. A waterproof layer was added to the package so you can swim across the lake and open to a dry towel. Wash the cloth Just pack in a pocket or mesh camp bagthrow in the machine and clean.
MULTIUSE Lightload Towels were created as a cleaning towel for long distance hikers personal care. In time we found they offered more. They are great for first aid as bandagesemergency care as blanketstactical gear as fire startersProtective gear for static electricityand remedies for skin irritations. They store easily in your backpack and luggage also in survival bags and bug out kitsHuntersfishermenboy scoutsgolferscyclistspreppersgym goers all use the towels.
SUPER ABSORBENT QUICK DRY HYGIENIC Lightload Towels have superb water management properties. These Swim towels absorb more than 9.5 times their weight. Cotton and microfiber towels dont come close to this feat. Its also the excellent water management that wicks water away from your body keeping you cool in the warm and warm in cool weather.
SOOTHING ON SKIN Even the best hikers and backpackers have emergencies. Thats why a Lightload multipurpose towel is a must to prepare. Its compressed so forget about it until you open to a clean dry cloth. Its a bio-based fabric made from plants and wood and can be a cure all for many emergencies. Many of earths medicines and remedies come from plants and wood. Ive personally soothed excruciating nettle stings with just applying the dry cloth to the pain.

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