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Material M390 powder steel
Handle material Titanium alloy + carbon fiber
Surface treatment Wire drawing
Overall Length 9.5 cm
Handle Length 12.5 cm
Blade Length 5.5 cm
Overall Weight 18.7 G

Premium Steel-- The blade is made of M390 powder steeltitanium alloy and carbon fiber handlewith a tritium tube on the back.
Titanium Alloy--The carbon fiber inlay precision is very high and there is almost no gap. All the screws of the entire knife are titanium alloy.Titanium alloy has good corrosion resistancemoderate mechanical properties and low neutron thermal absorption cross section in high temperature and high pressure water and steam at 300 400 C.
Mini Design-- The appearance of this knife is smallbut it is complete and perfectthe opening and closing are smooththe sharpness can be cut and shavedsuitable for hanging on the chest or key chain.
Smooth Opening System-- This folding knife built-in bearingssmooth opening and closing can realize gravity closing.The back of the handle is a titanium alloy sacrum.The cutting edge of the blade is narrow and beautiful.

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