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Are you tired of spending money on knives made from cheap materials that end up dulling in no time Are you looking for a unique pocket knife that will last you for yearscan be carried with easeand feels great in your hand The Midelo Bull Horn Damascus Steel folding knife is a perfect choice. No one wants to pay more than they should for a pocket knife. Yetits hard to find a high-quality handmade pocket knife durable enough to last for years. Today is your lucky day because you found the deal of a lifetime! This blade is as beautiful as it is sharp. Master crafted using time-honored techniques passed down from generations of master artisans. Each knife is unique as a fingerprint and has distinctive patterns from the over 350 folds of carbon steel. Todaythe steel is still hand-forged by expert blacksmiths using the same techniques for the past 2000 years. Our blades are 100% real Damascus steel and not acid-etched or laser-etched like our competitors. We use a mixture of 1095 High Carbon and 15N20 Nickel Carbon Steel which gets heated up to a very high temperature. Every blade goes through a multi-step polishing and sharpening process before it's ready. We use naturally colored ethically sourced black bull horns to make the handleso each handle is unique. The smooth handle gives the knife the perfect feel in handmaking it ideal for any job. This folding knife is superior and more durable than most pocketknives that cost way more. A Damascus steel knife blade is exceptional and different from most metal knives. Due to the metals usedrusting and bluing can occur if the blade is not cared for due to the high carbon nature of the metals. Always clean your knife after use. Make sure to wipe it dry after washing and add a bit of oil to protect the blade. Damascus steel knives need a bit more care so that they can last a lifetimebut their beauty and strength make it so worth it. This knife will last for generationsso be sure to buy yours today!

BULL HORN HANDLE DAMASCUS STEEL FOLDING KNIFE. An heirloom-quality piece that looks great and works even better! Every blade comes razor sharp straight out of the box. It features hand-polished brass hardware for that extra bit of fine detail. It's lightweightstrongsharp and easy to use on the go. Comes with a handsewn sheath made from real tanned leather and a brass honing rod.
GENUINE 3 DAMASCUS STEEL BLADE. Hand-forged by expert blacksmiths that are masters of their craft. Over 350+ layers of 1095HC and 15N20 Nickel Carbon Steel. Each blade goes through a heat treatment process that ensures it will last long and stay strong. The Damascus pattern is never the same on any blade which makes each knife completely unique.
100% AUTHENTIC LEATHER SHEATH. The premium top-grain leather sheath is both beautiful and functional. Made with thick threadinga belt loop for easy carryingand rust-resistant brass buttons. The sheath protects the blade from dirt and corrosion and the durable leather exterior stands up to everyday wear and tear.
REAL BULL HORN HANDLE. The elegant naturally colored bull horn handle gives the knife a classic look that's sure to impress. Our craftsmen polish and round off the handle to provide your knife with a securesatisfying grip. We designed this piece of art to be heldadmiredand used for years to come. An excellent choice for people who want a more "natural" one-of-a-kind knife.
THE PERFECT GIFT. Our handmade Damascus Steel pocket knives make the perfect gift and will be a source of pride for its owner. Don't settle for some cheapfakeand flimsy knife that'll fall apart after a few uses. No two knives are exactly alike because they are handcrafted. A great gift for huntersfisherscampershikersoutdoor enthusiastsand adventure seekers!

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