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  • The solid metal head can easily break glass and stone.
  • After lengtheningit will also be a good defensive stick

Ergonomic Non-Slip handles

  • These handles are designed using non-slip ergonomicsso you always havea strong grip.
  • The inside of the pipe handle is hollowwhich is light and effortless in use and flexible in disassembly and use.

Three layer spongefixed positioneasy storage

  • Multi-tool kit is more versatile than a single shovelsuitable foroutdoor hikinghuntingexpeditiongardeningfishingdigging,emergencyetc.
  • Each component of the kit is processed according to high qualitystandardsso our tools are longer in terms of length and service life,and lighter in weight.

3 In 1 Flashlight

  • Multi-function flashlight can emit 3 different signal lights (Red Warning + White + White Illumination Signal Lights)
  • White can be used asilluminate light bulbs for road exploration and camping tentswhich isvery suitable for adventure and camping enthusiasts.
  • Red can be used as danger and distress signal warning lightswhich improves the safety of going out and exploring.


  • Catch your dinner in the stream with fishing spear thats accurate and sharp.

Pocket knife

  • Knife head can be used to remove fish visceracut branches and other hunting tasks.

Thickened saw blade

  • Powerful saw blade. It's easy to shave bark and cut ropesand it's also necessary for flints.


  • For you to create a good camping infrastructuregarden management.


  • Compact and foldableit can be easily stored in your truckSUV or any vehicle.


  • In your exciting explorationyou can't lack this reliable partner (Beyjoy toolbox) to escort you. Whether it's huntingmaking a firecuttingeatingrescuingopening a pathyou can trust it.

Portable Material BeyJoy portable and strong multi-functional toolboxwhich can be used in the trunk of the car for outdoor explorationand suitable for garden planting and felling at home. High quality manganese steel makes every tool hard and durablewith the extension barsit can carry out a variety of shape and function conversion.
Main tools Shovelaxepickaxemulti-functional strong light lampself-defense stick. By changing the shapeit can be used for digging soilhoehookcuttingice drillingmountain climbingself-defensepathfindingwarning and other purposes.
Auxiliary tools Broken window safety hammerwhistleflintmultifunctional knifepeelinghexagonal wrenchbottle openerdining knife and forkluminous ringcompass.
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