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Brand Calkkdie

Product Type Trekking pole

Type 5 knots straight handles

Material EVA handletough tungsten steelplastic PA/POM

Storage length 35 cm

Telescopic length 107-125 cm

Color bluegoldblackred

Suitable for height 170 cm or more

Features toughlightweightportable

Packing 2* trekking pole (1 pair)2* mud tray2* rod tip set


1. The mud tray style of this product is randomly distributed.

2. This trekking pole should not be used for other purposes except for hikingmountaineering and other travel purposes.

3. Before use and during useit must be confirmed that the sections of the trekking pole have been locked and fixed.

4. If it breaksbreaksdeforms or finds that the trekking pole cannot be locked during usestop using it immediately.

5. Do not disassemble or modify this product at will.

6. Do not use a trekking pole as a rope to pull people up the mountain.

7. The use of trekking poles must not exceed the "STOP" signand the trekking poles are easily broken.

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Comfortable handle EVA handlewhich keeps your hands dryresists the moisture generated by sweaty hands and reduces vibration. If you sweat a lot and hike in hot weatheruse it.
Tungsten steel rod tip It is made of tungsten steel. After strict laser cuttingit designs a high-strength diamond anti-skid patternwear-resistant anti-skid and durable.
Adjustable wristband Breathable and sturdyadjust the length as you likecomfortable to wearno off-line.
Adjustable walking stick Adjustable length from about 107 cm to 125 cm with twist lockthe use of the locking system is sturdy and durable. This adjustable device allows you to adjust extremely fast to suit your height and terrain.
Applicable to all terrains and seasons interchangeable rubber heads for different environments (paved roadssnowearthmud or sand) that enhance your stability and on all types of terrain provide support.

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