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Material TPU+PVC

Diameter 17cm

Height 43cm

Color gray

Capacity 12L

Usage Tips

1.There is a red button on the top of the hose. Press the button and insert the water pipe connected to the foot pump.

2.There is a check valve on the foot pump. You have to open it and step on it to fill the portable shower with air. When your pedaling becomes a little laboriousit means that the air is full.

3.You can raise the nozzle's handle to keep the valve open and then let the water flow out.

4.It should be noted that the maximum temperature this camp shower can withstand is 113Fso hot water cannot be added directly. When you need hot wateryou can take some water to heat itmix it with cold waterand add it to the outdoor shower.

Note HIGH QUALITY DURABLE MATERIALThe camping shower bag is made of thick PVC material for enhanced build quality and leak-proof performance. The material of the foot pump is made of TPU with greater elasticityso it can withstand multiple steps and provide pressure to the portable shower. PVC/TPU waterproof fabric are fully waterproofsunproof and hightemperature resistant.
Lightweight and portableEasy to fold or unfold the portable shower during the journeycompact sizecan be placed in a carrying storage bagdoes not take up too much spaceis this outdoor shower becomes a light and convenient solution.
SMART DESIGNWith water temperature reminderThere is also a temp gauge added on the surface of the outdoor shower to let you know the water temperature. BesidesThe clear window on the camping shower bag allows you to keep track of real-time volume.
CONVENIENT TO USEStep on the pumpquickly inflateyou can easily apply pressure to the outdoor showerone-way air valvethe water will not return,Once you fill it upyou can sort of pressurizing it with the foot pumpthen you get a decent stream of water for about 30 seconds.
Stable and SafeHard board design of PE material can support the weight of the package after it is filled with waterand it will not fall easily and stand stably. It can act as a float. In case of an emergency in the waterthe bag can be filled with air to provide buoyancy to resolve the danger.

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