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Solar Shower Bag Let you have a cool summer

What do you need most after outdoor sports on a hot summer day

Yeswhat you want most is the thrill of bathing. Choose our products to make your summer cooler

Why choose our products

Large Water Capacity5 gallons

PVCenvironmental protection material

solar energy to heat waterconvenient and environmentally friendly

multiple layers version to enhance leak-proof

Flexible hose included

What do you need to pay attention to

1.Hot water must be below 50 degrees. Otherwise it will shorten the life of the shower bag

2.Please try the water temperature before use. Adjust the water temperature to a temperature that is comfortable for you

3.Do not touch the shower bag with sharp objects to avoid scratching the bag

4.Except in special circumstancesdo not use the water in the shower bag as drinking water

Package include

shower bag1


shower head1

If you have any questions about our productyou can contact our friendly customer service team and we will reply you within 24 hours.

SOLLAR WATER HEATING The special coating on solar heating side can efficiently absorb the solar energy to heat up water inside the bagroom-temperature water can be heated up to 113F (45C) within 3 hours under direct sunlight.
STRONG MATERIAL Made by non-toxic PVC material which is strong and wear resistantthe mutiple layers design enhance the leakproof ability. The build-in reinforced handle make it easy to carry or hang on a tree.
LARGE CAPACITY 5GALLONS/20L outdoor camping shower bag has large capacity to hold 5 gallons/20 liters of waterenough to continuedly shower for 8 minutes. Large inlet designed to be easily filled by water faucets or any outdoor water sources.
UPGRADED SHOWER HOSE Upgrated easy-on/off rotary switch was add to the shower hose to control water flow to provide you a better shower experience. Alsothe hose was designed to be removalcan easily plug-in/out to the bag.
WILDLY USE AND PORTABLE With the features of lightweight and foldablethis shower bag can be packed into mini size to save space. It's perfect for outdoor activities including campingfishinghiking,huntingroad traveling etc.

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