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This portable camping tent is a great way to make a private shelter for toilet or changing clothesgreat for use in public places such as parkpoolbeachcampsiteforestmountain areas.

Material compound plaid cloth+ PVC
Color whitegreenblue
Expand 45x50cm
Storage size 30x12x4cm
Capacity 20 liters
Weight 430 grams

1 x shower bag
1 x plastic tube
1 x hose with shower head
1 x storage mesh bag

1. Before using for the first timesoak a teaspoon of soda in warm water to clean the bath bag;
2. After being filled with waterthe transparent side faces the sun to obtain sufficient lighting;
3. Generally speakingit can be used after about 3 hours of sunlight in summer.
After filling up with wateryou can continue to bathe for about 10 minutes.

1. If you need to add hot water yourselfplease do not exceed 50 degrees.
2. Please try the water temperature before bathing. If it is too hotplease add cold water appropriately.
3. The water inside is not suitable for drinking.
4. Please wash water when not in use.
5. Do not touch sharp objects to avoid scratching the bag.
The water temperature should not exceed 50 degreesotherwise it will affect the life of the bath bag.

20 liters / 5 gallons of water capacity This portable shower bag can hold 20 liters / 5 gallons of water for outdoor showersand can bathe continuously for about 8-10 minutes. It is very suitable for outdoor campinghikingbackpackingself-drivingfishing or hunting.
can heat water under direct sunlight for about 3 hours without any plug-in device,the temperature indicator (C/F) on the back of the sun shower bag can help you monitor the water temperatureso you dont need to the water temperature in remote areas!
Easy to hang and carry the camping shower bag with high load-bearing plastic handle can be easily hung on the tree to quickly enjoy the outdoor shower. When not in usefold the shower bag and put it in the carrying bag to put it in a travel bagfishing bagsuitcaseluggage case.
Practical shower head and mesh pocket equipped with a large shower head and soft hosejust turn on the switch on the shower head to easily control the water flow and bring you a better shower experience!
Humanized design The large spiral water injection port can quickly fill water. If the water inlet leaksthe white sealing ring inside the lid can be adjusted. When adding water to the shower bag in summerplease connect the hose firmly to the bottom first (note the water outlet at the bottom will leak).

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