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Just because you're camping doesn't mean you can't be clean. Use our resealable pack of 48 wipes to take care of all your body cleansing. Extra-large and super durable wipes are 9" x 13" and contain Aloe Vera to keep your skin feeling moistnot dry. Take several packs for multiple days out and enjoy your summer in the wild! PS. Do not flush. Carry out what you take in.

Camping wipes for body cleansing are 9" x 13"
Keep your body feeling fresh and clean with a resealable pack of 48 extra-large wipes
Clean you armpits and privies as well as your feet and between your toes
Wash your facehands and hair. Contains Vitamin ELanolin and Aloe Vera
Towels have Aloe Vera to keep your skin moisturized

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