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This beanie neckwarmer and headband is incredibly soft to the touch and made from 100% Silk and 100% Wool! Each piece of seamless fabric has been sewn together in contrasting tones for depth and added texture to the new addition to your wardrobe!

This item is one of our FOUR WAYS pieces meaning it can turn into a...

Headband/Hairband/Ear Warmer

Neck Gaiter/Neck Warmer

Beanie/Winter Hat/Night Cap

Muffler/Scarf/Loop Scarf/Infinity Scarf

The benefits of wool and silk are enormous. Wool and silk promote healthy growth rejuvenation and reconstruction of skin and hair.

Benefits of Silk:

A natural heat regulator it is able to maintain the air around your head at the perfect temperature. Silk also improves scalp and hair health as it contains natural cellular albumen. This helps speed up the metabolism of skin cells to reduce signs of aging. Your hair will be able to move freely within your beanie whilst still staying snug preventing damage and breakage of your hair. Silk is also the most hygienic material as it is resistant to dust mould and other allergens.

Benefits of Wool:

Cashmere wool is lightweight and comfortable making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. One of the major benefits of lightweight wool is it s adaptability to temperature due to the high moisture content of the wool. In the winter it will keep you warm and insulated yet it will ensure you stay cool in the summer. Cashmere is also long-lasting. If it is properly cared for a cashmere item will last a lifetime.





Silk Wool
100% MULBERRY SILK & 100% CASHMERE WOOL - This headband can also turn into a neck warmer head band scarf and beanie hat! It makes for the perfect travel accessory ready for any type of weather in whatever climate - Practicality at it's finest!
SILK SCARFS & WOOL HEADBAND FIT FOR ROYALTY - Feel like a million bucks in this high quality multifunctional accessory made from 100% Mulberry Silk! Silk is the most hypoallergenic material for your skin and as it contains the similar proteins found in your hair and skin it encourages healthy hair growth reduces irritation completely and leaves you feeling rejuvenated
TWIST & FLIP TO CREATE A REVERSIBLE BEANIE - Twist your headband fully stretched out then join the hems together to create a slouch beanie! You can use it as a night cap with the silk half as the inner lining to protect your hair or the wool side to keep you warm! Cashmere wool unlike synthetic fibers which can leave you hot and sweaty cashmere allows your body to breathe which helps regulate temperature
SOFT WOOL NIGHTCAP OR SILK SCARF OUR PRACTICAL WARDROBE MUST IS MADE IN OSAKA JAPAN - Handmade with love by a family-run business here in Osaka. Other than delicious food and the beautiful culture high quality items at the highest standards is what Japan is one of the main things it is known for. If you are unsatisfied you can return it free; No questions asked
SUITABLE FOR MEN AND WOMEN OUR MULTI USE SCARVES ARE FOR EVERYONE - The unique Japanese scarf has a gender neutral design so it looks great on anybody! Ladies men young adults teenagers and more. Approximate size when laid flat unfolded: 23cm wide 51 cm long (9 x 20inches). Suitable for headsizes of 54cm 60cm (21.2inches 23.6inches)

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